1. Once the registration period for projects and mentors is over, the #innovationagainstthevirus organization will send an e-mail to each mentor, on April 24th with all the information about the project/s to be mentored, including the 3-minute video pitch and its metrics.


This e-mail will be sent jointly with the other mentors participating in the same project and with the project members and will serve to connect and inform mentors and projects.


In this e-mail, the mentor will find a link to a shared document where the mentors and project members will fill in the gaps indicated for each part.



2. In this same e-mail, each mentor will also receive the links to the online project evaluation forms, in which they will have to evaluate each of the projects assigned to him/her.


Mentors will receive this information on April 24th and it will have to be completed before May 4th, after making at least 2 video calls with each project of at least 10 minutes duration each.



3. During the period from April 24th to May 4th the mentor and the members of the project(s) assigned to him/her will be in contact through the information provided in the shared document.


In this way, they will have to arrange at least 2 video calls of at least 10 minutes each.



4. Once the mentoring phase is over, including these video calls and other resources considered appropriate, the mentor will proceed to evaluate the projects analyzing aspects such as: the originality and viability of the idea, the degree of technology and innovation, the problem that needs to be solved, the market and advantages over competitors, the added value, the business model and its scalability, and the degree of communication of the project, as well as the team that forms it.


This evaluation will be done through the online project evaluation form of each project that mentors will receive in the e-mail.


These are the evaluation criteria to be used by mentors for each #innovationagainstthevirus project. Each criterion will be scored from 1-10 (1 being the lowest score and 10 the highest). These days, e-mail is being sent to each mentor so they can evaluate.


1. Originality of the idea
2. Is it a real need?
3. Does the product meet the need?
4. Market size and target market
5. Income / traction of the company
6. Growth of the company
7. Advantages compared to your competitors
8. Entry barrier size
9. Income generation plan
10. Training / work experience
11. Quality of the video-pitch


The deadline for the evaluation will be May 4th.


5. Once all the projects have been evaluated by the mentors, the winning projects will be announced on May 11th, 2020 on the website of the initiative.

#innovationagainstthevirus is an open and global initiative that supports the creation of a technological, social and innovative community of international impact which intends to help as much as possible to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.